Step 1: Realising all those times of being a bridesmaid were worth it

I’ve been bridesmaid 4 times… 1 time when I was 8 years old and the remaining three within the past 3 years. I have to say for all those people who are starting wedding planning with minimal experience… hats off to you. Where to even start?!

The beauty of being bridesmaid so many times (aside from not having to choose an outfit for each wedding) is that I’ve been able to identify pretty quickly what I don’t like and what I do like about weddings which has meant that 2 weeks since Tim proposed, we have identified WHERE we would like to get married and WHEN.

Firstly, I started off by asking my friends who I had been bridesmaid for, how much their wedding cost:

Friend 1: The Caves in Edinburgh plus everything else – £15000

Friend 2: A church ceremony, hotel reception and everything else – £13000

Friend 3: Doune Castle and reception at a nearby village hall and everything else – £19000

Our conclusion… identify our time frame and look abroad.

I briefly entertained getting married within the UK but there were too many difficulties – half my friends are Scottish teachers who have different term dates to my English teacher friends. A Saturday would potentially cost £3000 more than a Friday or even more than any other week day. Tim and I are not big drinkers and aren’t too fussed about the party element and his theoretical best man is being a bit of a numpty at the moment which makes things very difficult.

Both Tim and I concluded it would be easier and more joyful if we and our immediate family took ourselves off abroad and then had a cheaper party on a Saturday when everyone could make it.

So if the world is our oyster, where on earth do we start?! After a couple of minor arguments and some flicking through brochures, we stumbled across Aruba in the Caribbean.

Pretty self explanatory. This is Aruba!

We can’t book anything at the moment because it’s not available for when we are looking to get married. But believe me, you will definitely know!


The Proposal

I’m a bit like a child at Christmas. Part of me still believes Santa exists, and it really doesn’t help that we can track him online.

Anyway, I woke up really early on Christmas Day and tossed and turned for a good 2 hours. Eventually, I gave in and woke Tim up. I know, I know – horrible girlfriend but it was Christmas!

He casually got out of bed and we went to our living room where the presents had been laid out. I had a HUGE sack of presents and we opened them together. He’d bought me Guitar Hero, chocolate, a calendar, iTunes voucher and a foam roller.

We finished opening the gifts and then he said ‘I have one more present for you but it’s really important that you follow the instructions’. I got a little nervous because I envisaged him getting me to climb up a mountain or something. Anyway, I digress.

He handed me a parcel – it was quite small but looked nothing like a ring box.

I unwrapped the first layer where I found a love heart that said ‘I love you’. I unwrapped the next layer and there was another love heart that said ‘Kiss me’. After that came another love heart that said ‘hold me’. So I snuggled in his arms and continued to unwrap. When I got to the bottom layer there was a box that said ‘Be mine’. I opened the box and saw the most beautiful ring. I did that have that fleeting thought of ‘what do I say – is this an engagement ring?!’, but he soon uttered the words ‘Marry Me?’.

At this point I was mid eating the love heart and burst into tears and the love heart flew out my mouth. Yes I like to keep things classy and attractive.

Oh, I said yes by the way!

We then went to spend the rest of Christmas Day with Tim’s family who greeted us with cheers and clapping. It was without a doubt the best Christmas I have ever had.